‘Remember it’s all about the idea...’
Sir John Hegarty

You know that moment where you realise that you’ve got a great idea… it’s a fabulous concept, you’ve got a team of willing workers, a brilliant venue and…. you wake up at 3am worrying about the technical side of things and the high expectations of your very, very demanding client

What if the sound levels aren’t right, the lighting is too low, the cameras miss the critical moment, the screens go down?
At that moment, what you really, really want is a partner that you can call in to guarantee that your brilliant idea turns into a truly impressive event – an event that can be seen and heard thanks to the right gear in the right place. What you need is the right kind of technical support people that REALLY know what they are doing from start to finish, never panic, and are totally dedicated to you and your needs

Good news:  you have just found that partner at BonhamPowell

outstanding Event Management from Creative concept, Budget realisation, Planning, Visualisation and Pitch Presentation Production

a truly comprehensive technical support service all under our own direction (or yours if you would prefer)

all the kit…cables, adaptors, plugs…. everything. Really!